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8 Mile (The race, not the movie!)

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Last weekend I completed my longest race (and run) yet. The Cinco De Miler is an annual race which has options of 5k, 5mi or both and is held in Chicago and Dallas. I stepped up my training about a month ago and started getting comfortable running five miles often. Slowly I stepped it up […]

Why I Run

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Before you read my blog, I implore you to read this link: It has been a little over a year since I began my running journey. In that time I have lost over 100lbs, gained a lot of muscle and have made healthier choices when choosing food, drink, etc. I look better, I feel better. […]

Still Running!

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I realized it’s been awhile since I have posted. I didn’t stop running! Quite the contrary! Since my last post I’ve done two more 5K’s, Run or Dye and The Peace, Love, Run 5K. I’ve also continued training and have continued to lose weight. I’m down to about 235 now and still dropping. I’m only […]

C210K W14D1

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Day one of the last week of 10K Trainer! Today’s run wasn’t bad. I was a lot slower than usual but did that on purpose. Still not feeling 100% but the run was fine. I did 60 mins straight no walking and that is what it will be until the end. The trail was pretty […]

C210K Week 13 Check-In

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All in all a decent week aside from the Sinus infection. Normally I don’t have trouble running when I’m not feeling great and it usually makes me feel better but this time was different and probably more to do with the humidity. On Day 3 I waited until nearly sunset to start my hour long […]

C210K W13D3

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Today was MUCH better than last week. I took several days off to get over my sinus infection. I was worried about taking that many days off but it was worth it. Today’s run, my longest ever at just under 6 miles felt great. There was the usual fatigue toward the end but it wasn’t […]

C210K W13D2

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Today was terrible. I’m sick with a sinus infection and the weather is humid and nasty. I decided to run anyway and I got through it but it was probably the worst I’ve felt after a run since beginning C25K months ago. D2 of Week 13 is two 25 min runs with a one minute […]

C210K W13D1

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Good run for the first day of WK13. Day 1 is 22 mins twice with one minute walking in between. No real soreness to mention. The previous races had my training schedule a little skewed but I’m back on track.

Back to 10K Training

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Back to 10k training! As you might have noticed I’ve not posted a 10k Training blog in a week or so. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been running! I ran the races and as well, I’ve run with a couple of other runners, one who is just starting C25K and another who is just finishing. […]