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8 Mile (The race, not the movie!)

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Last weekend I completed my longest race (and run) yet. The Cinco De Miler is an annual race which has options of 5k, 5mi or both and is held in Chicago and Dallas. I stepped up my training about a month ago and started getting comfortable running five miles often. Slowly I stepped it up […]

Why I Run

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Before you read my blog, I implore you to read this link: It has been a little over a year since I began my running journey. In that time I have lost over 100lbs, gained a lot of muscle and have made healthier choices when choosing food, drink, etc. I look better, I feel better. […]

C210K W14D1

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Day one of the last week of 10K Trainer! Today’s run wasn’t bad. I was a lot slower than usual but did that on purpose. Still not feeling 100% but the run was fine. I did 60 mins straight no walking and that is what it will be until the end. The trail was pretty […]