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Why I Run

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Before you read my blog, I implore you to read this link: It has been a little over a year since I began my running journey. In that time I have lost over 100lbs, gained a lot of muscle and have made healthier choices when choosing food, drink, etc. I look better, I feel better. […]

Still Running!

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I realized it’s been awhile since I have posted. I didn’t stop running! Quite the contrary! Since my last post I’ve done two more 5K’s, Run or Dye and The Peace, Love, Run 5K. I’ve also continued training and have continued to lose weight. I’m down to about 235 now and still dropping. I’m only […]

Back to 10K Training

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Back to 10k training! As you might have noticed I’ve not posted a 10k Training blog in a week or so. This doesn’t mean I haven’t been running! I ran the races and as well, I’ve run with a couple of other runners, one who is just starting C25K and another who is just finishing. […]

C25K Completion!

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I finished the C25K Regimen today and went out with a bang. I had not been hitting my mile times so today I decided I’d run the full 3 miles no matter how long it took. I slowed my pace and got comfortable and got there. It is hard for me to believe that eight […]

C25K W8D3

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Final Day of C25K and probably my best run yet comfort wise. This was one of those “I don’t feel like running days” but I guess I did. I added .75 miles to my average of the last three runs and I hit the 5K mark. I didn’t even realize it was the last C25K […]

C25K W8D2

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W8D2 went pretty well. A little fatigued at the end for some reason but not bad. I told myself I’d push myself past my 2.5 mark where I seem stuck but by the end I didn’t have it in me.. Maybe next time! Keeping a good pace any only off the distance requirement by about […]

C25K W8D1

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Good run today! When the app spouted off about being “halfway” I literally said “Really? No joke?” I let time get away from me which means I was able to get into a comfortable pace. I also chewed gum while I ran which helped with the throat dryness. The weather was pretty cool and wet […]

Week 7 Check-In

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Overall I think week 7 went pretty well. I did not hit the 2.5 mile distance requirement but I met every time requirement which I feel is more important. You can also see my time diminished over the week which means I got a little faster by end week. I changed up the trails I […]

C25K W7D3

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W7D3 was not a bad run at all. I intentionally pushed myself a bit as you can see by the green on the map. I beat my best mile time by about a minute but I definitely felt it. I also re-visted a route I had not been on for a few weeks. When I […]

C25K W7D2

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I’m not sure what I think of running during my lunch break. Tried a trail I’ve never been on due to it’s proximity to work. It’s a popular area to run locally and is very scenic. Quite a bit of hill switch-ups that were challenging. Overall a decent run. I felt really slow but I […]