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C210K Week 13 Check-In

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All in all a decent week aside from the Sinus infection. Normally I don’t have trouble running when I’m not feeling great and it usually makes me feel better but this time was different and probably more to do with the humidity. On Day 3 I waited until nearly sunset to start my hour long […]


C210K W13D3

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Today was MUCH better than last week. I took several days off to get over my sinus infection. I was worried about taking that many days off but it was worth it. Today’s run, my longest ever at just under 6 miles felt great. There was the usual fatigue toward the end but it wasn’t […]


C210K W13D2

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Today was terrible. I’m sick with a sinus infection and the weather is humid and nasty. I decided to run anyway and I got through it but it was probably the worst I’ve felt after a run since beginning C25K months ago. D2 of Week 13 is two 25 min runs with a one minute […]


C210K W13D1

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Good run for the first day of WK13. Day 1 is 22 mins twice with one minute walking in between. No real soreness to mention. The previous races had my training schedule a little skewed but I’m back on track.


C210K W12D2

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What? A treadmill?! And only 2.4 miles?! Are you sick??? No I’m good and yes a treadmill, but the milage is wrong. I don’t think Nike+ likes being inside, or I wasn’t holding it right for indoor use. I *hate* treadmills and I haven’t been on one since the beginning of C25K but it was […]


C210K W12D1

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So I skipped the last day of W11. Week 12 adds a total of three minutes running and I figured I’d be ok. I was and the run went great! No issues to speak of running wise but my schedule has been busy and my motivation to run a little less than normal. Time to […]

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I skipped D3 of WK11, see the first WK12 post for details!


C210K W11D2

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Hit the 5 mile mark today! I am doing a 5 mile (not K) race in about a week so this makes me happy! Day 2 of Week 11 was not bad. I had the endurance but some fatigue and overall weariness set in toward the end. I pace blame for this on myself. I […]


C210K W11D1

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Today begins Week 11 of 10K Trainer. Three 17 minute runs with a one minute walk between each. I don’t like walking! The first run of this week went very well. I seem to be getting my comfort later in the runs though, usually in the last two miles. I’ve been running this trail since […]

Week 10 Check-In

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Week 10 went well. Next week I’ll be adding a total of about 6 minutes to the runs which should add about .5 miles and get me close to the 5 mile mark. I have my first race coming up soon and it’s not a 5K, it’s a 5 Mile. Then, four days later I […]