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C210K Week 13 Check-In

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All in all a decent week aside from the Sinus infection. Normally I don’t have trouble running when I’m not feeling great and it usually makes me feel better but this time was different and probably more to do with the humidity. On Day 3 I waited until nearly sunset to start my hour long […]

Week 10 Check-In

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Week 10 went well. Next week I’ll be adding a total of about 6 minutes to the runs which should add about .5 miles and get me close to the 5 mile mark. I have my first race coming up soon and it’s not a 5K, it’s a 5 Mile. Then, four days later I […]

Time to begin C210K!

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I’ll begin running the C210K or “10K Trainer” Regimen this week. I’ve been running 3.1 – 4 miles consistently since I completed C25K so it’s on to the next step toward my half marathon goal. The application I am using is Zen’s C210k trainer which includes the 5K trainer so I’ll skip ahead to “Week […]