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C25K W2D2

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Got out and ran in San Francisco tonight. Talked to some natives and they recommended I run the Embacaderro which is the area of SF that runs along the pier. Nice wide lane but a lot of tourists, other runners, cyclists, etc. I’m doing much better however when it comes to getting kicked out of […]

C25K W2D1

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Yes that is a treadmill icon. Don’t hate. I’m in San Francisco for work and while I have an idea of where to run (Golden Gate Park), it’s no where near my hotel so I hit the hotel’s treadmill. Felt pretty good. Shins are still pretty bad post run but bearable and recovery is about […]

C25K W1D3

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Ok. That went better. I found a trail that is less used and wider to cope with my worries about getting in peoples way. I’m working on getting past that. I am beginning to focus and get into a rhythm but nothing perfect yet. The pain is less because I’m trying to slow my pace […]

C25K W1D2

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Got out into the world today. Shouldn’t have spent two days on the mill. Today hurt. A lot. My cardiovascular system is pissed off at me. My shins are killing me.  I couldn’t find a rhythm and my hyper-aware nature kept me from getting into the run because I was looking behind me to make […]

C25K W1D1

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Wimped out and started on a treadmill. This is not where I want to be but I thought I would give it a try after the painful show test run through the park. Did ok, much less fatigue but I was struggling through it. I believe some of my issue with running outside is mental. […]

Shoe Test Run

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  I’m going to die. Just ran less than a mile. No scratch that, I walked/ran less than a mile following C25K’s Week 1 regimen In order to test the shoes I just bought. Visited a local Run-On! store with a friend and got fitted for proper shoes. The shoes feel amazing, I do not. […]