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C25K W6D3

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Week 6 Day 3 went very well. I felt better than I did through the previous two Week 6 runs even though this was a straight 22 min run. I did not hit the 2.25 mile mark as my time was slower but my pace was good, breathing was steady and I made it. Speed […]


C25K W6D2

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Today was one of those harder days. No reason really. While I’m still not feeling 100%, I don’t feel nearly as sick as I did the past few run days. Today was more of a mental challenge, I couldn’t get my head around it. I finished fine and actually broke my fastest 1K record but […]


C25K W6D1

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I decided to do Day 1 of Week 6 on Sunday because the weather is 70 and beautiful, and tomorrow’s prediction is 36 and snowing. No joke. If you don’t live in Texas, you won’t believe me anyway. The run overall went pretty well. I struggled at the end of it because I tried to […]

Week 5 Check-In

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Week 5 went pretty well over all and considering some challenges. I spent most of the week sick with a bad upper respiratory infection which I’m still fighting. (I rare take antibiotics so they take a little longer to get over but I get them less frequently than when I did take them). Monday’s run […]


C25K W5D3

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Last day of week 5. The run went well! This was the 20 minute/2 mile straight run I was worried about when I looked ahead from week 4. Over all a good run, the last half mile I tried to put some speed on and probably ended up hurting my pace. Very minor shin and […]

C25K W5D2

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Brrrrr. I’ve been feeling under the weather since yesterday but decided to do my scheduled run this evening after coming around a bit during the day. Today’s run was pretty much 1.5 miles running with a walk in the middle. 8 mins running, 5 mins walking, 8 mins running with the warmup and cool down […]


C25K W5D1

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It’s on to week 5. First day went pretty well. Took a minute to get my focus but I was able to by about the ten minute mark. Week 5 of C25K changes things up a bit. Whereas the previous 4 weeks were the same each 3 days, Week 5 changes a bit each day […]

Week 4 Check-In

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Started off the week worried I’d have some issues with Week 4 but much to my surprise it went very well. My pace is coming around nicely and I’m able to get focused faster which leads to less fatigue. Monday was great, I really surprised myself on the first run of the regimen. Day two […]


C25K W4D3

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Today was a bit more difficult than the previous two days. I was tired and under the weather all day which probably contributed. I tried a partially new course that had more up-hill. When I finished I thought my times would be pretty bad but my mile average was exactly the same as Wednesday and […]


C25K W4D2

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Another amazing run! I went to bed super early last night and woke up around 4am this morning. It was about 37 degrees but I decided to try a morning run. I drove to my favorite trail route and began. It was a bit cold, the worst being my hands but I warmed up quick. […]