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C25K Completion!

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I finished the C25K Regimen today and went out with a bang. I had not been hitting my mile times so today I decided I’d run the full 3 miles no matter how long it took. I slowed my pace and got comfortable and got there. It is hard for me to believe that eight […]


C25K W8D3

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Final Day of C25K and probably my best run yet comfort wise. This was one of those “I don’t feel like running days” but I guess I did. I added .75 miles to my average of the last three runs and I hit the 5K mark. I didn’t even realize it was the last C25K […]


C25K W8D2

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W8D2 went pretty well. A little fatigued at the end for some reason but not bad. I told myself I’d push myself past my 2.5 mark where I seem stuck but by the end I didn’t have it in me.. Maybe next time! Keeping a good pace any only off the distance requirement by about […]


C25K W8D1

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Good run today! When the app spouted off about being “halfway” I literally said “Really? No joke?” I let time get away from me which means I was able to get into a comfortable pace. I also chewed gum while I ran which helped with the throat dryness. The weather was pretty cool and wet […]

Week 7 Check-In

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Overall I think week 7 went pretty well. I did not hit the 2.5 mile distance requirement but I met every time requirement which I feel is more important. You can also see my time diminished over the week which means I got a little faster by end week. I changed up the trails I […]


C25K W7D3

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W7D3 was not a bad run at all. I intentionally pushed myself a bit as you can see by the green on the map. I beat my best mile time by about a minute but I definitely felt it. I also re-visted a route I had not been on for a few weeks. When I […]


C25K W7D2

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I’m not sure what I think of running during my lunch break. Tried a trail I’ve never been on due to it’s proximity to work. It’s a popular area to run locally and is very scenic. Quite a bit of hill switch-ups that were challenging. Overall a decent run. I felt really slow but I […]


C25K W7D1

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When I began running again 6 weeks ago, I couldn’t get through 90 seconds of running without feeling like I was going to die. I ran my Week 7 Day 1 today which was 25 mins (I actually ran 28 mins in order to get closer to the milage goal) and felt great. 90 seconds […]


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Week 6 was a challenge. An upper respiratory infection combined with lack of sleep made things more challenging. The anomaly is that in the week’s first two runs my times actually improved. I began wondering if I was competing with myself a little too much and perhaps that was causing fatigue in addition to being […]