Week 7 Check-In

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Overall I think week 7 went pretty well. I did not hit the 2.5 mile distance requirement but I met every time requirement which I feel is more important. You can also see my time diminished over the week which means I got a little faster by end week. I changed up the trails I hit this week as well including running Arbor Hills, a trail known for it’s beauty (and it’s hills). No pain to speak of except the usual tightness after a run or “the good pain”. I also ran during my lunch break which was nice but I’m not sure I’ll repeat it unless time constraints push me that way. I will definitely run Arbor Hills again. If you are in the Dallas area and don’t mind some elevation changes I definitely recommend it. I haven’t mentioned this previously but I also added biking to my workout regimen. About ten miles twice weekly. This seems to have helped with my thigh comfort during runs. This week I also concentrated on loosening up my shoulders and arms when I run. Last week I had some shoulder pain and when I researched it I found I was probably tensing during runs. I took time during the run to concentrate on relaxing my upper body and even shook out my arms and hands a few times which seemed to help. No pain this week!

Week 8 begins the 28 minute runs or 2.75 miles. I think I’ll probably hit 2.5 miles in that timeframe but will try to push for 2.75 by the end of week. I always go into a run thinking “no problem, I can this” but, like most people I’d guess, by the end of the regimen I’m ready to be done. Here’s to pushing past that mental game!

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