Time to begin C210K!

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I’ll begin running the C210K or “10K Trainer” Regimen this week. I’ve been running 3.1 – 4 miles consistently since I completed C25K so it’s on to the next step toward my half marathon goal. The application I am using is Zen’s C210k trainer which includes the 5K trainer so I’ll skip ahead to “Week 9” and go from there. Looking forward to it! From looking through the app’s regimen, it seems to start off with 4 – 10 minute runs interrupted by a minute of walking. First week should go easy as I’m already running about 40-50 mins straight without much trouble. From there they get you running quite a bit with minimal walking which I like. I almost never walk during my 5K runs unless I’m just having a terrible day which has only happened twice. I’ll be posting results here as I did with the C25K! My times will skew again because of the walking but that is how it goes, not too worried about times, just distance!

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