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20130212-131501.jpgWimped out and started on a treadmill. This is not where I want to be but I thought I would give it a try after the painful show test run through the park. Did ok, much less fatigue but I was struggling through it. I believe some of my issue with running outside is mental. I’m over-aware which kills my ability to focus on the run and find my zone. Made it through the first day of C25K though, treadmill or not. Felt much better today. Calves and Thighs are less pained but I’m no-where near finding my zone yet and honestly, until I get off the mill and onto a trail, road or track, I’m not going to find the pace I’ll need to complete a 5K or any K for that matter. Treadmill running is much different than road running. It is fine for continued training once you are an established runner on a rainy day but if you are going to run races, they aren’t going to be run on a mill. Time to suck it up. Besides, the pictures from Nike Run are more interesting outdoors. 🙂 Time to suck it up.

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  1. juliet

    Dude same thing happened to me! I have no idea why I couldn’t finish the first day on a putside rub maybe bc I wasn’t fouced or maybe bc I wasn’t seeing how long I had left to push myself and I kept wondering if it was almost over.. but I did it yesterday oj a treadmill and I coukd gave keep going even done it twice

    • fatboy

      hehe yeah, it’s muscle conditioning from what I’ve learned. The first run ever is going to use muscles you’ve never used. Keep an eye on shin splints and get some compression sleeves for your calves.


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