C210K W11D2

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20130426-094200.jpgHit the 5 mile mark today! I am doing a 5 mile (not K) race in about a week so this makes me happy! Day 2 of Week 11 was not bad. I had the endurance but some fatigue and overall weariness set in toward the end. I pace blame for this on myself. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and I didn’t hydrate very well all day. I also did not eat much and the energy just wasn’t there. However, overall the run went very well. Mental games were heightened today most likely due to the previously mentioned lack of food, hydration and energy. However, when the app told me I was done, I was at 4.8 miles and couldn’t stop until I got the 5 so I kept going. Feels good to hit the 5 mile mark ahead of the race and “know” I can do it.

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