C210K W12D2

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20130503-152755.jpgWhat? A treadmill?! And only 2.4 miles?! Are you sick??? No I’m good and yes a treadmill, but the milage is wrong. I don’t think Nike+ likes being inside, or I wasn’t holding it right for indoor use. I *hate* treadmills and I haven’t been on one since the beginning of C25K but it was treadmill or another skip day which I wasn’t having especially with an 8K race coming up. The run was boring as treadmills usually are but it got the job done. I re-affirmed that I do not prefer them and honestly I don’t feel as worked as I do when I run on pavement.

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  1. Heather

    I just read through your journey from day one of C25k and I have to tell you that I am very impressed. I am about to train for my second half, but going to have to start over from the C25k program as I haven’t run in a little less than a year and I was not a super seasoned runner prior to that. My first half was in January 2011 (Houston Aramco).. I weighed 280 lbs.. I finished, but with a terrible time and a stress fracture.. I was told that I would need to lose 60 lbs before I could do any weight bearing exercise without risking re-injury. I currently weigh 150 lbs and I was registered for the 2013 Houston Half, but last year just as my training started picking up specifically for the event my left outside calf went completely numb.. and then my toes and I lost the ability to pick up my foot at the ankle… No more training. 🙁 Turns out I had peroneal mononeuropathy or a fancy term for nerve damage to the superficial and deep nerve that branches off my sciatic. Anyway.. I deferred and now I have my half in January. 🙂 I am in Houston so I can 100% relate to the humidity (hahaha) and heat. I look forward to following your progress. Great job!!!

    • fatboy

      Thank you so much and so sorry to hear about your injuries! Congrats on your weight loss, that is a huge accomplishment! I too sometimes have numbness in one of my toes, HMM! Wonder if I’m about to have the same issues. Normally it’s brief. Just curious, how did you find my website? (Always a curiosity to me) 🙂

  2. Heather

    I googled “C210k” and your blog was the second that came up.. It’s a bit less common than C25k, I guess. I feel great now… just ready to lace up my Asics and hit the ground.. well, running.


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