C210K Week 13 Check-In

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All in all a decent week aside from the Sinus infection. Normally I don’t have trouble running when I’m not feeling great and it usually makes me feel better but this time was different and probably more to do with the humidity. On Day 3 I waited until nearly sunset to start my hour long run and that helped. In Texas, it’s hot no matter what time of day it is in the summer but waiting until after sun-down helped quite a bit. I burned nearly 1000 calories on Day 3 which to me is amazing. I’ve changed my eating patterns a bit but I’m nt eating salads all day by any means. I bought another pair of shoes as well and am alternating them out which seems to be helping my comfort. No pain to speak of, just some mild soreness in my shoulders. One thing I am noticing though is numb tingling in my left foot. I’ve heard this can be a precursor to nerve issues so I’ll look into it.

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