Sidelined! Little known but common disease associated with male weight-loss.

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On August 26th at about 5am I woke up doubled over in pain. I hadn’t been feeling well earlier in the evening but figured it was another upset stomach due to eating something bad. Turns out my gallbladder decided it had enough. For the past few months I’d been seemingly coming down with frequent cases of “food poisoning”. Throughout my life I’ve rarely become nauseous. I generally have a strong stomach but as of late it had become almost routine. A friend of mine even said later that she had wondered if the “food poisoning wasn’t indicative of something else. Turns out she was right.

UnknownIf you’ve followed my blog, you know I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since February when I began running. I’ve done it healthy, no fad diets or quick fixes just old fashioned life changes when it comes to food, cardio (running) and some weight training. This, according to doctors, is one of the most common causes of gallbladder failure in males.

I got to the ER, was put in a room and administered some pain medication. Here begins seven hours of discovering that I was not in fact dieing. A sonogram and CT scan later, I was told my gallbladder had stones in it and given the name of a surgeon. I scheduled an appointment and in the mean time was told to restrict my diet to non-fat foods which I had already been doing (and incidentally what got me here in the first place), given pain medication and sent home. In the days before the surgical consultation the pain stopped altogether. My surgeon would later explain that unlike kidney stones, gallstones cannot be passed but do unblock at times and return to the gallbladder but that not taking it out would just cause it to happen again. I scheduled the surgery.

The surgery itself was not very invasive but the recovery time was pretty painful. Part of the procedure involves filling your body with gas and while they do get most of the gas out, quite a bit remains. I had to sleep sitting up for three nights and there were other less pleasant side effects.

It has been a few months and I have had no problems since.

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