8 Mile (The race, not the movie!)

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cincoLast weekend I completed my longest race (and run) yet. The Cinco De Miler is an annual race which has options of 5k, 5mi or both and is held in Chicago and Dallas.

I stepped up my training about a month ago and started getting comfortable running five miles often. Slowly I stepped it up to six and then seven miles but had not run 8 until the race itself.

During training I had been fatigued often and after switching to a Garmin 620 running watch with a heart monitor, I began to see why. I was trying to double my distance at the same pace in which I had been running 5k’s (3.1 mi). I had no problem running 5k’s at around 10:30/mi but when I attempted that pace for 6 miles I was hitting the wall and feeling terrible. I also noticed my heart-rate was staying very high and my training effect was almost always 5.0 or higher which is “Over-Reaching”.

I made a concentrated effort to slow my pace and bring my heart-rate down. During fatigued runs I was averaging a heart rate of about 164 and a max of 185 with a pace of about 10:20. I slowed my pace to about 12:00 and my heart-rate to about 145 – 150. This helped tremendously and I felt like I was no-where near hitting the wall, even after the 8.3 mile race.

If you’d like to check out the full stats from the race, click HERE


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