Fat Boy FAQ

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Q: Why you so fat!? 

A: Soft drinks mainly. I don’t eat a lot of crap but I do splurge on soft drinks and other “treats”. My normal 9-5 career is in IT and that lends itself to weight gain as well. When I started C25K I made a deal with myself to cut down on soft drinks. Now I drink one in the morning and the rest of the day it’s water straight or with something like Crystal Light mixed in. Hopefully I’ll be off soft drinks completely by the end of C25K. I’m also 38 and my metabolism isn’t that of a 20 year old anymore although it’s still pretty high.


Q: I know you, I’ve seen your picture, I’m stalking you, etc and you don’t look “fat”.

A: What does “fat” look like? I weighed 274 when I began C25K and I am 5’11. I am naturally muscular and have retained muscle all my life even when I have not been doing any weight training. I carry my weight pretty well but yes, I am over-weight like most Americans. Many people believe I weigh much less than I do but they don’t have to look in the mirror every day. In around 2005 I was at 320 and I’ve been heavier than that earlier in my life. I’ve maintained 260 – 280 in the last few years. My target weight is about 210-220. I am also active in life which helps and I am a high energy person. I DJ on the weekends and I dance which has helped me maintain my weight but again, not an ideal weight.


Q: You are a terrible person for calling yourself “fat” and for even using that word at all. It’s not ok, you are going to hell. 

A: As Brennan would say (You’d have to be a Bone’s fan to get it), “Fat is not a correct term anthropologically speaking”. I’m over-weight but “overweightboyruns.com” didn’t sound as good. I was ridiculed in High School for being a “fat boy” and my confidence was destroyed. As I built confidence with life experience and realized how we look means nothing about who we are, I decided the moniker people used to take me down would instead be used to build me up. If you don’t like it, you can kiss my incredibly shrinking ass. 🙂


Q: Why did you decide to to this? 

A: For the obvious health benefits of course but for other reasons as well. Some vain, some not. We will start with the less vain reasons. I am a Master Scuba Diver (I capitalize that out of sheer male pride, I admit it), and I am in training to become a Dive Master which in the scuba world means a professional. My endurance sucked bad as evidenced by one of the swims I have to do in order to certify. I made a decision after a failed swim test to work on my over-all health and endurance. I have a lot of runner friends who encouraged me and here I am. The more vain reasons are pretty obvious too. Who doesn’t want to look good? I DJ on the weekends as I mentioned and I like to dress nicely and lets face it, clothing just looks better on a fit man than on an over-weight man. If you can look great AND be healthy, why wouldn’t you?


Q: You should be happy with who you are and the body (insert your choice of god) gave you. You are going to hell (again). 

A: I’m not going to get into religion here, this is a running page but I will say “Free Will”. I am happy with the body I have. I am also happy I have the ability to shape it, build it and feed it as I choose. We are machines. The natural progression of our evolution did not foresee large cushy chairs and televisions. We were built to hunt, to gather and to move. We are powerful creatures but convenience and advances in technology have allowed us to be lazy. There is nothing wrong with being lazy but if you do it all the time, your machine (body) suffers. What happens to a car that sits for months at a time not moving? It begins to rot from the inside out. Seals crack, oil separates, gas goes bad. The same happens with our bodies. Our muscles atrophy and when we need to use them, they aren’t ready to work for us.



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